It's the Perfect Gift!

| by Your Woodhouse Day Spa Team, under Woodhouse Services
Ah, the dreaded gift card debate. Are they impersonal? Do they really show how much you care? People tend to feel strongly about whether or not a gift card is good choice for their family and friends, but I believe The Woodhouse Gift Card is the perfect choice for all of my gift-giving needs. It is highly valued and well received. It's what she really wants!
It helps me to keep the holidays simple!  

Between Christmas parties and school functions and family commitments, this time of year quickly becomes hectic.  Being able to order online saves me time and money.  I have forgotten how stressful it was to fight the crowds in the stores only to be disappointed in the gifts I purchased.  The Woodhouse Gift Card is a win-win for me - I can order from my home or office, and I know that the gifts are perfect for my loved ones.

It makes gift-giving so much fun! 
To know that each gift card will bring such happiness to my family and friends is one of my favorite parts of the holiday. Because Aunt Rose will call tomorrow to schedule her massage, and my best friend Carla will carve time out of her hectic schedule for her favorite Minkyti Facial...I know that I am giving gifts that will not only make them smile, but will play a part in their well-being.  There is something priceless about that smile when they catch a glimpse of that beautiful gift-bag...they know the real treasure inside!
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