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Looking for the perfect pedicure in The Woodlands? The Woodhouse Day Spa in The Woodlands has the perfect foot treatment for everyone in the whole family. Whether you just need a quick buff and polish, a full pedicure complete with a scrub and leg massage, or an invigorating gentleman’s pedicure, we have the perfect experience waiting for you. It is important to take good care of your feet, regular pedicures are a wonderful way to keep your feet and nails healthy with the added bonus of relaxation.


Pedicure in The Woodlands, TX Difference


When you get a Pedicure in The Woodlands, you are getting a mind and body experience that will help you feel calmer, more relaxed, and less stressed. Each pedicure starts with a therapeutic foot bath and a warm neck and shoulder wrap for total relaxation from head to foot.  Choose from a wide selection of foot treatments including quality, organic products, therapeutic touch from our experienced staff and the polish color of your choice. 

Anyone who is on their feet all day, has an active job, aching legs or just loves their feet to look and feel nice will thoroughly enjoy and get many benefits from a professional pedicure. 


Benefits of a Professional Pedicure in The Woodlands


Pedicures with high-quality organic products and therapeutic touch deliver many benefits far beyond the enjoyment of a good foot rub and nail polish.  When you schedule your pedicure in The Woodlands at The Woodhouse Day Spa you will enjoy many benefits such as:

Improved blood flow – a pedicure with warm hydrotherapy and foot and leg massage helps to improve circulation and blood flow, which helps to clean toxins from the body. Increasing circulation in your lower legs helps to prevent varicose veins, reduce inflammation and arthritis pain. 

Improved lymph flow – lymph nodes are spread throughout the body and help to fight infection in the body by filtering and processing toxins.  Lymph nodes are located behind the knee and are stimulated by increased blood flow, helping to clear toxins from the body. 

Safely removes calluses – we can get carried away filing down calluses at home and can actually try to take off too much at once which can be painful.  Regular pedicures help to remove calluses safely without causing pain or leaving your foot open to infection.

Prevents infection -  dry, cracked skin is like an open door to infection. Regular pedicures provide a deep moisturization which is extremely important in preventing infection.  When a professional, trained eye is caring for your feet they may notice the beginning of an infection or a nail fungi infection, which is best treated when caught early. 

Evenly trimmed nails – keeping your toenails trimmed evenly is important to prevent ingrown nails and the associated pain they cause. Keeping your nails trimmed is important for your overall foot health and alleviates the need for us to bend over and do it ourselves. 

Your feet look and feel great – a pedicure includes moisturization and exfoliation which keep your feet looking and feeling great.  This is good for your overall foot health and also for your mental health.  Showing off your feet in those pretty sandals is a real confidence booster, let The Woodhouse Day Spa show you just how good a professional foot treatment can make you feel. 

Taking care of our feet is important, and a professional pedicure does more than provide many health benefits for our feet and legs, it is also very relaxing which is good for the soul.


Organic Products, Quality Pedicures at The Woodhouse Day Spa


At The Woodhouse Day Spa, we use unique, organic, and high-quality products to get the best results for your foot treatment and professional pedicure in The Woodlands. We offer a variety of foot treatments with something for everyone to help improve the feeling, appearance and health of your feet, toes and legs.  Some of our most popular foot treatment experiences include:

The Woodhouse Signature Seaweed Leaf Pedicure – exfoliation with a sea salt scrub from your feet to your knees, warm volcanic stone leg massage, seaweed foot mask and leg wrap - a winning combination for a foot and leg treatment that rejuvenates tired legs, reduces swelling and puts you in a place of total relaxation. 

Lavender and Seaweed Sugar Scrub Pedicure – exfoliate with a refining scrub, relax with a warm volcanic stone massage, and let go of your worries with this invigorating pedicure. 

Warm Agave Nectar Pedicure – relish in the luxury of warm agave nectar massaged into your legs and feet from heel to knee for soothing moisturization and relaxation.

The Tula – enjoy a mani-pedi combo in under an hour, for those on the go who want to feel and look their best. 

The Gentleman's Pedicure – give your hard working legs and feet a rubdown with a soothing foot and leg massage, a groom and buff to keep your nails clean, healthy and looking good. 

Lucky Legs Add On – add an invigorating massage to any foot treatment to improve circulation and refresh tight, swollen legs and feet. 

The Woodhouse Day Spa offers these foot treatments and pedicures in The Woodlands, along with a host of other spa experiences to fully benefit the mind and body. Consider our facials and skin treatments including moisturizing with an Eco-Fin wax treatment, a blend of essential oils, Shea butter, vitamin E, organic jojoba and coconut oils to leave your skin silky smooth and soothe tired muscles with deep, hydrating heat.

Enjoy a body massage before your pedicure with many styles and types to choose from, including massage therapy intended to improve sleep such as The Soma massage, a combination of Shirodhara scalp massage and reflexology foot massage to calm the nervous system.  Reflexology is widely accepted with anecdotal evidence of positive effects to a wide variety of health conditions, when performed by spa professionals with adequate training according to an article by the National Institutes of Health, Revisiting reflexology: Concept, evidence, current practice, and practitioner training

While taking care of your feet, hands and body don’t forget your skin, the largest organ in the body.  Enjoy a professional facial with high-quality, organic ingredients from our staff of trained estheticians to smooth fine lines and wrinkles and leave your skin feeling healthy and renewed.  

The Woodhouse Day Spa offers complete spa experiences to improve your overall health and well-being.  We offer a variety of advanced body and skin care treatments using high-quality, organic products.  Contact The Woodhouse Day Spa today to experience refreshing foot treatments and pedicures in The Woodlands.

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