Top 3 Benefits of Couples Massage in The Woodlands

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Suzanne Grove, Owner
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There is nothing better than sharing a calming, relaxing massage with someone you love. A couples massage in The Woodlands allows you to connect and spend quality time with someone special in your life whether that be your husband, wife, significant other or best friend. Rejuvenating your body and tired, sore muscles with your favorite person by your side does wonders to maintain or restore closeness in your relationship. 


Couples Massage the Woodlands


The Woodhouse Day Spa in The Woodlands offers therapeutic couples massage in The Woodlands with our Duet Massage. Our guests love the side-by-side relaxing Swedish massage where two people get to receive rejuvenating massage treatment in the same private massage room.  Couples often struggle with making quality time together.  A couples massage provides an intentional and purposeful reconnection and is a wonderful way to say, “I love you” and to show how much you care.  


The Many Benefits of Couples Massage Therapy


Sharing massage therapy with a special someone will allow you to both experience the therapeutic benefits of massage such as improved circulation and overall relaxation.  In addition to the many health benefits that refresh your mind and body, couples massage provides additional benefits such as: 


1) Enhancing Your Connection and Unity


A couples massage can increase feelings of intimacy due to the releasing of oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin in the body. The increase of these hormone levels lasts long after your massage is complete, which leaves you with uplifted spirits and increased feelings of affection for your partner. Instead of dinner and a movie, reserve a relaxing experience at The Woodhouse Day Spa in The Woodlands with a Duet Massage as an alternative for “Date Night”.  Enjoying comfortable silence while each of you experience touch therapy by skilled massage therapists provides a unique way to connect, during and after your couples massage. 


2) Reducing Stress and Anxiety


Relationships can be complex because human beings are complex. Every couple experiences stress and anxiety at different times which is why it is so important for couples to make the time to reconnect with relaxing activities that leave stress at the door. You may find that it is easier to have mindful conversations when your mind and body are more relaxed following a professional massage.


3) Creating a Personal Bonding Experience


Once you and your partner experience a couples massage, you could very well start a new tradition together.  The Duet Massage provides all the health benefits of massage therapy, the emotional benefits of reducing stress and anxiety and creates a bonding experience to call your own. Couples that enjoy spa time together, taking care of their health and wellness with preventive and necessary body and skin treatments, feel more in touch with each other and grow together by sharing healthy, transformative experiences.  Couples do not need to pack a bag and take a weekend getaway for some special alone time, sharing in a couples massage and all The Woodhouse Day Spa has to offer gives you the feeling of a relaxing vacation without leaving town. 

If you are looking for something new, fun, and exciting that you can share with your significant other, you cannot go wrong with a couples massage. Knowing that your partner is feeling the same relaxing touch therapy with natural, essential oils for soft, supple skin just might promote more touch within your relationship. A couples massage provides the dual benefit of improving your own health and wellness as well as enhancing the connection of your relationship. 

According a study in Scientific Research, Positive Massage for Couples’ Wellbeing and Relationships: The Bridge between Positive Psychology and Massage, positive massage provides effective positive intervention for the wellbeing and positive relationships of couples, based on the unique feature of both parties receiving physical and physiological benefits reciprocally which increases relational and psychological resources. 


The Woodhouse Day Spa Duet Massage


The Woodhouse Day Spa in The Woodlands offers specialized massage techniques focused on promoting a healthy mind and body. We offer a wide variety of massage therapy with something for everyone such as our:

  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Therapeutic Stone Massage
  • Core Body Balancing Massage
  • Swedish Massage
  • Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage
  • Reflexology Foot Massage
  • Mellow Mama Prenatal Massage
  • Gentleman’s Deep Tissue Massage
  • Signature Four Handed Massage
  • Duet Massage

Reserve your Duet Massage today and learn about the many types of massage therapy body treatments for continued preventive health and wellness. Consider adding on massage enhancements such as aromatherapy, deep tissue pressure, or deep conditioning scalp massage. You can add therapeutic stone massage or aromatherapy bath cure to enhance your experience. 

The Woodhouse Day Spa team members and spa professionals are dedicated to improving your overall wellness, rest, and relaxation. We are devoted to all our guests in helping you return to the world rejuvenated and renewed to embrace the life that is calling you. Contact us to reserve your transformative massage experience today to learn the many benefits of couples massage in The Woodlands.